‘Me And My Dinosaur’ Might Just Be The Cutest Game This Year | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Who doesn’t love the idea of amazing adventures with adorable companions? Whether it’s a boy and his blob, a sole survivor with his dog, or a group of heroes and their cute, heroic little pig and- oh my god- HAMLET, NO!

Sorry, my opening paragraph got derailed because of some horrible- horrible memories. Yet, somehow tasty.

Anyways, where I was going with this was how cute an additional AI character can be. They can help your character reach higher platforms, move obstacles, or get into places you normally wouldn’t be able to go. So when MADSOFT Games announced their first ever Steam project through Greenlight and Kickstarter, I had to open the door and get on the floor- because we’re going to walk with that dinosaur.

‘Me And My Dinosaur’ is a 2D puzzle-platformer, that places you and a cute-as-a-button dinosaur in an action filled adventure. You play as Hunter, a young boy with a pet dino named Rex, who’s trying to protect his friend from an evil corporation who plans to take him for all of his precious “Dino DNA.” No- it’s not InGen, but still.

You’ll need to co-operate together to overcome a magical and sometimes frightening world filled with odd creatures and modern day obstacles. As you leave the city streets, you’ll journey out to Incan temples, lush forests, and underground kingdoms in search for answers to your mysteries. The game features a drop-in and out co-op mode, where you and a friend can work together.

The game also has an interesting system called ‘Dino Daycare,’ in which you and your pal can find eggs scattered across the world that hatch into little baby dinosaurs. You can train up and grow them with the help of food from playing some additional minigames. Some are herbivores and some little ferocious meat eaters, so you’re going to need to find all kinds of food for them. These mini games include an obstacles course called Dino Dash, a maze-like digging game called Dig Dig Dino, and a mix-and-match puzzler called DinoMatrix. If you succeed at building your babies up to their maximum level, you unlock unique hats for them to wear.

The game’s art style and storybook narration are amazingly cute- presenting a child-like aesthetic that I doubt anyone would deny is utterly captivating. The game’s animations seem very well made, and it looks like they’ve included a lot of heart into their visual design. The music, which they include a sample of on their Kickstarter page, is whimsical and worth a listen.

The project has another month to go on their Kickstarter page, and it’s looking for upvotes on Steam Greenlight, so get to clicking and check this game out. They plan to release it on PS4, PC and Mac, so don’t let this opportunity become extinct! For more prehistoric puns and the best gaming news on the net, make sure you keep reading Mouse N Joypad.