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‘The Coma’ Brings Survival Horror To A

Korean High School



Korean Horror is similar to Japanese Horror films, but with a few major differences. One, they like female ghosts in their films. The other more noticeable difference is they pull back on blood and gore and focus more on inner pain and torment. The rage is usually provided by the aforementioned female ghouls, following the expression ‘her resentment will bring frost in May and June.’ Well, you won’t have to wait that long, because ‘The Coma’ is launching on Steam this month.

Korean indie developer Devespresso Games’ debut title ‘The Coma’ is a 2D survival-horror adventure set in an abandoned high school. You play Youngho, an overworked student who wakes in a twisted version of his school. You soon find that your teachers and classmates have all turned into hellish ghosts. There’s also a psychopathic killer on the loose, who appears to have you in their sites. You must carefully search the dark hallways of your school for a way to escape from their vengeful grasp.

The press release states that the game will encourage you to hide when one of these monsters finds you in the twisted hallway. Youngho sadly skipped out of P.E. a lot, so he doesn’t have a lot of endurance when it comes to running, so hiding is a must. You’ll have maps and notes to help you chart this demonic version of your school. Only by pushing forward can you figure out how you became trapped, and how you can escape from this nightmare.

You’ll find friendly NPCs in the three buildings of the school, and perhaps with their help you can find a way past all the locked doors and hidden traps. But you have to hurry because the killer is relentless and they’re not many health packs for Youngho to find in the game.

One of the most interesting things about this experience is looking into the life of Korean students. Parents and teachers usually have unbelievably high expectations, and a student’s life can be rather hard because of this. The press release says that they hope gamers will enjoy their fusion of “overworked high school students” and “Korean culture into the survival horror genre.”

The game will also feature unlockable artwork, notes and easter eggs that expand on the universe within the game.

The Coma will be released on Steam this October 19th, so if you’re a fan of creepy dead girls, enraged teachers and inner torment, this game might be for you. So, will this game make the grade? Tell us in the comments. Make sure you keep reading Mouse N Joypad for more news and hopefully a full review when the game releases.