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New DiRT Game Teased By Codemasters



Codemasters, developer of the DiRT racing series, has teased the development of the series’ next entry. In a post from the developer’s Twitter account the company said that it is looking for a graphics programmer to join the team for their next project. Within the tweet there is a link to the job description that states that the company is “expanding and looking for developers to work and the DiRT and GRID franchises”.

Graphics Programmer wanted for a DiRTy little game we’ve been working on

— Codemasters Jobs (@Codemastersjobs) March 19, 2015

The game is likely DiRT 4, which was also teased via the company’s official twitter account last year. Announcement of the title was reportedly initially planned for a beta release in February. This “Early-Access style release” was later scrapped after the developer failed to “secure car licenses.” The details of the scrapped release are unknown, however a pre-release beta or similar early-access to the game is very likely for the future.

DiRT Showdown was the last game in the DiRT franchise developed by Codemasters – released in 2012. Earlier this year Codemasters announced a round of staff layoffs that affected the studio developing the unannounced title, as part of a company-wide restructure. Reports have even indicated that the studio has below twenty people actively working on the game. The developer explained that certain positions were at “risk of redundancy” and were eliminated. However, Codemasters said that the evaluation and elimination of positions would not affect the “on-going production of titles” and no projects would be cancelled as a result.

This unannounced game would be the fifth game in the DiRT franchise and it comes after a break in releases for the series. Hope for any future for the franchise rests with this title, almost undoubtedly. After suffering a large round of layoffs, earlier in the year, Codemasters would greatly benefit from a successful entry in series. DiRT 4 has not been officially announced as of this writing.