As many of my friends and acquaintances know, I have become quite impassioned by the field of E-Sports lately. Sure I’ve always been one to waste a few hours on League or DotA, or talk strategy over some stiff drinks with said friends, but now I find myself reviewing professional gameplay footage, working over strategies, and acting as the co-president to my school’s e-sports club. To hear that more places are starting to accept e-sports as an enjoyable pastime brings me a decent amount of joy, so to hear that the state of Nevada has been considered a source of revenue is nothing short of phenomenal to me.

A meeting was held on Friday to begin discussions on the pro gaming circuit, the feasibility of a market in Nevada, and whether or not to allow wagering on games. Of course, as expected from the state that houses the Las Vegas Strip, this all comes down to whether or not gambling and bets based around video games should be allowed; and if so, how to regulate them. In a similar vein to current athletic wagers, folks would bet on teams who were competing, with the House taking a cut of the profits.

Gambling on virtual matches is nothing new of course, with sites like SaltyBet allowing gamers to bet fake currency on a Mugen game that runs over twitch. But with a state like Nevada providing backing, in addition to last years DotA 2 International being broadcast on ESPN; helps add legitimacy to a cause that’s been desperate about seeking acceptance ever since its inception.

Additionally, adding an E-Sports wager pool to the Nevada area will likely draw in a new audience to experience the joys of Nevada’s gambling industry. Nevada State Officials seem to be concerned with the lack of interest displayed in today’s youth over cards and slots, and feel that this e-sport idea may inject some youthful blood into the streets of Nevada.

Whether this idea takes off or not, though, E-Sports is a rapidly expanding behemoth that’ll likely receive attention from other sources as well. With competitions like the Dota 2 International hosting prize pools upwards of fifteen million dollars, and the League of Legends routinely pulling in millions of players daily; more corporations in the Americas, Eastern Asia, and Russia are likely to invest and help expand the market. For more news on e-sports and gaming in general, be sure to stick around and read more on Mouse n Joypad.