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Console Game Outland Coming To Steam


Housemarque has announced that their metroidvania style game Outland, will be coming to Steam for the PC in September 2014. Originally released under publisher Ubisoft for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3 console in 2011, Outland was the recipient of a number of awards, such as the Editor’s Choice for both IGN and Gamespot, “Best PSN Game” from IGN as well as the “Best Download-only Console Game” from Gamespot. Gamers might recognize the Finnish-based developer Housemarque as having produced the shoot’em up Super Stardust series, zombie apocalypse themed shooter Dead Nation for the Play Station, and (yes!) even the Angry Birds trilogy for smart phones.

The PC version of Outland will feature improvements to the game play, such as the availability of co-op mode for the campaign and a revamped checkpoint system. Outland’s game play has often been described as a successful mix of the polarity switching bullet-dodging mechanics of Ikaruga, and the sense of exploration featured in the classic Prince of Persia games, and features a graphical style reminiscent of Limbo’s silhouetted aesthetics but with Mayan inspired hand-painted backgrounds to give it a mythic fable-like atmosphere.

Outland follows the story of the reincarnation of an ancient nameless hero, who sets off on a quest to the Temple of Eternity to stop the Sisters of Chaos seeking to escape from the Temple and unmake the world; along the way the hero learns to manipulate the spiritual energies Light and Darkness to traverse the ancient landscape and use them against his enemies. The game also features original soundtrack by Finnish born composer Ari Pulkkinen. Ari has been the composer for a diverse range of game soundtracks such as in Trine and Trine 2, Dead Nation, and even the Angry Birds Trilogy.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the Outland PC trailer below.

Outland will become available on Steam on September 29th at $9,99 / €9,99 / £6,99