We are at the wonderful part of the gaming calendar, we know what’s coming after E3, PAX and Gamescom and now all we have to do is sit tight and wait on the games we are most excited about. Every gamer knows that this time of year is when all of the big titles and the hotly anticipated games come out of the woodwork for the Christmas rush.

We are all gamers here at Mouse n and we know the itch, the impatience and the overwhelming desire to tear into these titles as well as anyone. We have all gotten together and have decided to give you the run-down of the game that each of us wants more than all of the rest. Here is our wish-list for the last quarter of 2014.


Chief Editor and Administrator

I am looking forward to Ori and The Blind Forest, this game is simply a wondrous joy to look at and I for one cannot wait to play in the inviting environment. In Ori And The Blind Forest you play as a spirit and must discover more about your role in the world you live in. Looking at the game it is definitely up my street, with a beautiful bright environment and an intriguing story that will please gamers of all ages. This game will probably be one of the best received titles this year and I can see it winning many awards, as the developers have been working hard on this for 4 years now. So there you have it, Ori and The Blind Forest gets my vote.


Reviewer, Administrator, Web Development

The game I am most anticipating between now and Christmas is…………………………The Evil Within. I had the opportunity to preview this game and it was simply brilliant. The atmosphere it created had me at the edge of my seat from the moment I started playing. The mechanics of the gameplay were perfect, with enemies I had shot and thought I killed, getting back up to come at me again, until I figured out you have to burn the buggers to make sure they are dead. Injecting yourself with drugs to heal, will see you going into a “high” state for a while leaving you susceptible to attack. Everything about it was fear from start to finish and I can’t wait to have the crap frightened out of me once again. Other than Outlast, this game is bringing true horror back, and if you are under 18, well just too bad, grow up!


PC Editor and Reviewer

The game I’m most excited about would have to be the upcoming Civilization title – Beyond Earth. I absolutely adore the fourth and fifth game of the series, especially once modded, so I’ll fit right in once I get my paws on the game. The setting, being sci-fi, also opens the doors to amazing and, most importantly, unseen technologies that are ours to research and invest in. Civilization has always allowed the creation of your own, specifically tailored timelines and stories that felt at least somewhat realistic and plausible. There’s something about that feature that makes me a sucker for these games, so that would be my most exciting title of the upcoming months.


Assistant Editor and Reviewer

I’m a sucker for a good scare. Some may call me an adrenaline junkie but I simply respect the art of a games designer frightening the hell out of me. Alien Isolation has to be at the top of my wish list for the remainder of the year for one simple reason: it looks terrifying. It’s taking us back to a darker and scarier time in gaming. It is retreating back to the days when combat was futile and will once again make us check under the bed for monsters. With what looks to be a truly challenging, intelligent and deadly hunter it will be good to play as the prey after so long.



Writer and Reviewer

The game I’m most excited about this year is Far Cry 4. Far Cry 3 was absolutely stunning. The graphics were beautiful, the fact that nearly all cutscenes took place within the game engine added so many layers of immersion. The gunplay felt somewhat realistic and awesome, and the driving was refreshingly weighty, all done in first person. The wingsuit later on added verticality to the game, the wildlife was vicious but helpful on some missions. The sense of progression was rewarding, and they felt like abilities that could be actually happen in real life (for the most part). Far Cry 4 just builds on all of this, making everything better. You can now fly in gyrocopters, ride some of the wildlife into battle and still glide with the wingsuit. Cutscenes are still done in first person. You can hijack and shoot from moving vehicles, all in beautiful 1080p at 60 fps (on PC, anyway). For those reasons, Far Cry 4 has me hopping about with anticipation.


Writer and Reviewer

I’m really looking forward to Assassin’s Creed Unity. The series’ premise of two opposing secret organisations that have been working behind the scenes to influence the world’s history throughout time has me intrigued since the start; and the way they’ve creatively intertwine the game’s lore with real life history is just fantastic. The series’ open world freedom is also very refreshing. Also, who doesn’t love the combat mechanics in the Assassin’s Creed series? I get all warm and fuzzy inside whenever I successfully execute flawless, stylish melee kills one after the other – sheer awesomeness! Now with co-op story mode in the upcoming addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect of taking part in a slaughter-fest with my online friends.



Writer and Reviewer

There are a lot of great looking games coming between now and Christmas, but only one will cause me to become violently ill if I do not have access to it and that is Super Smash Brothers for WiiU. Yes, it’s on an underpowered console with table for a controller, and now most games don’t run great on it, but I don’t care. To me and my friends the fighting game is our gospel, Smash Bros is a major deity, and our violent curses are our prayers. In grade school, we briefly played the original Smash at houses lucky enough to be blessed with an N64, then the incredibly technical Melee came along with the destruction of many a Gamecube controller. We played that game into high school, even starting a club that solely existed to organize Smash, Halo, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 tournaments. Now we are all grown up, either busy with jobs or finishing up school, scattered around the US but I will be playing Smash Brothers until my eyes bleed and my brain drips out of my ears… Or at least until Street Fighter 5 comes out


Team Mascot & Cheese Lover

Guys, you know how damn hard it is for me to type, jumping from letter to letter. Just leave me the hell alone and we will be fine, otherwise I will chew every cable in your PC’s while you lot sleep. Damn! Ok, as I am here I am looking forward to is Fantasia: Music Evolved, for two reasons. One I can shake it with the best of them, and two well I just might get to see Minnie again. Anyway I am tired jumping across these damn keys now! And the next time you guys stick me at the end of the page, I’ll wee in your coffee!

This year has been a good year so far as gaming is concerned, but let’s hope the rest of the year makes it a great one. What is the game you can’t wait to get your paws on? Let us know in the comments below.