Miko Mole Out Now | MOUSE n JOYPAD


The indie publisher and games developer: EnsenaSoft have today announced the release of the studio’s debut console game Miko Mole on the PlayStation 4. The game is available now through the PlayStation store and it is expected that additional titles will follow soon. Miko Mole is inspired by classic titles such as Worms, Boulder Dash, Stealth 2 and Unmechanical. Miko Mole takes players on an exciting subterranean mission to become a master thief by collecting enough gems on each level to open its exit.

In order for the player to locate hidden gems, they must dig, and dig deep. The designers state that the more treasure you uncover for Miko, the better. Miko Mole’s gameplay will require quick-thinking and clever strategy to avoid the many obstacles, surprises and traps throughout the levels. If a pure puzzle game isn’t your thing, Miko Mole offers many enemies such as bats, skunks and rats to battle. The gameplay will allow players to manipulate objects that will sometimes open access to previously inaccessible areas.

The puzzle elements within Miko Mole will allow the unlocking of gadgets during play. These gadgets will offer alternate solutions to the game’s puzzle features. Moving items around levels as well as the ability to destroy obstacles will also feature in the game.

Miko Mole is available on PlayStation 4 however the team are working towards a PC release through an active Greenlight campaign. The developers have urged PC gamers who are interested in this title to support the Greenlight campaign in the hopes of releasing on that platform.

In the gameplay trailer below, you can see Miko as he traverses different environment, uses different abilities and tackles some of the enemies we can expect to encounter in the game, all the while avoiding elemental dangers such as lava and water.

Miko Mole is available for download right now. For all your other gaming needs, make sure to check back with Mouse N Joypad regularly.