Mouse n Joycast Episode 2 | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Welcome back peoples. Here be episode 2 of what we’re still dubbing Mouse n Joycast until either one of us his stricken with a mid-dream epiphany for a more suitable name. And, yes, you are correct in noticing that we skipped last week; that was solely due to me getting a terrible cold that included, but was not limited to, a fever. In this weeks episode I go into further detail than I thought I would about my cold and it’s relationship to the worst Super Bowl I’ve ever had. Hugh and I then get to actual business and compare our experiences with playing Firewatch (SPOILERS! -there are indeed fires of several sorts to be put out in the game). We go on to discuss the significance of the recent closure of GameTrailers for us as game journalists and fans, as well as take plenty of time to echo just how much of a cluster !@#$% of ethics the whole situation turned out to be. Speaking of cluster…I mean mishandled situations, we spend some time talking about the recent online social backlash toward XBOX by….XBOX fans? Somewhere in between my overt amounts of uttering “but uh” I get into an analogy of console gaming that compares them to theme parks. And, as always (which is to say twice so far) we tickle our futurism bone and look ahead into the week to come.


Music: “Seven Lives to Live”, “Retro Dreamscape” by Twin Musicom (