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Parkour Founder David Belle Partnered with

Dying Light


Today Techland have revealed that David Belle the founder of parkour helped in the process of bringing authentic parkour to Dying Light. Techland worked with David Belle to verify the depiction of parkour in Dying Light, test its authenticity and even got his personal approval before the game hits stores. David Belle is an actor, stunt coordinator and founder of parkour, and if you have seen the movement in Dying Light this news may come as no surprise. Dying Light allows players to traverse the city by making their way across rooftops and virtually any surface humanly possible to avoid being bitten by the awaiting Zombies. You can also watch David in action in the video below. Dying Light’s game director had this to say,

“David’s influence really helped us push the parkour system to a point where it felt authentic yet still intuitive and worked perfectly in-game. We’ve had so many journalists and external playtesters say to us that this really is game-changer in terms of first person perspective freedom of movement. “ – Adrian Ciszewski, Game Director