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Insert Coin Release Saints Row Line



The guys over at Insert Coin have released their Saints Row clothing line on the public. Insert Coin is the leading name in high-quality video game apparel and accessories, concentrating on what gamers want, which allows the company to transform designs into wearable fashion that lets people show off their gamer pride in style. With other clothing lines including Assassins Creed, Silent Hill and The Last Of Us, it’s hard not to want some of these accessories to don your wardrobe. Below is the complete list of what is contained in the Saints Row line, and if you are interested in buying any of these, we here at Mouse n Joypad have a special discount code for you to use. This code enables a 15% discount on any of the items on the Insert Coin website, so use the code ICMOUSE15 when ordering. This is valid until the end of July, happy shopping.




3RD STREET SAINTS JACKET ($77) – Stilwater. Steelport. Planet Earth. The Galaxy. Everyone everywhere wants to be a Saint…Being a Saint is much more than just being part of a gang – it’s a way of life. And now fans can live the dream and sign-up to the Saints, by rocking this awesome varsity-style jacket… Saints 4 Life!

SAINTS FLOW ($30) – When saving the world, Saints need the maximum amount of refreshment and that is why real heroes drink Saints Flow! That and all those deliciously dangerous chemicals and additives of course. This super sleek tee celebrates the classic taste of Saints in style.



GENKI leggings ($42) – Everyone loves the cleverest cat in town – especially when that town is Steelport, USA! And if gamers don’t love the world’s favorite Super Murder Cat then, well, let’s just say we wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Fans can show their loyalty to the Professor with these super-ethical leggings.


PROFESSOR GENKI’S SUPER ETHICAL REALITY COMPLEX ($30) –Genius comes in many forms, but there aren’t many that can match Professor Genki. Part cute celebrity, part sadistic scientist, Genki is definitely not to be underestimated – or trusted. But he is a very a fashionable feline – and only this tee will give Saints MAXIMUM T-SHIRT ULTRA-JOY!


STEELPORT SAINTS hoodie ($56) – Steelport isn’t just the new home of the Saints, it’s the heart of their entire Empire. It might be rundown, it might be poverty-stricken, it might be crumbling down, but Steelport is definitely where the heart is. Celebrate its association with the Saints with this epic hoodie.



GAT polo ($42) – One man defines the Saints. One awesome man. A legend. And his name is Gat. Johnny is so much more than just another member of the Saints, he symbolises all their strength, power and attitude. This simple elegant polo celebrates everyone’s favorite Saint in style.



Don’t forget use the code ICMOUSE15 when ordering for a 15% discount, valid until the end of July 2014.