Rainbow Six Siege Friend Referral Program | MOUSE n JOYPAD

How much do you hate your friends? Do you sometimes feel like shooting them in the face, but can’t do that because, well, you’re not a crazed murderer? Perhaps you could take the best of both worlds and have them play a high-end first-person shooter with you, where you could have fun taking down their kidnapping asses without any serious repercussions? Well, I’ve got good news for you, because Ubisoft have just announced the launch of their Rainbow Six: Siege referral program, and it’s not bad at all in case you either need a new wannabe terrorist or a SWAT teammate to play the game with. Here we’ve got some details on how it all works:

· Existing PC players can visit rainbow6keys.ubi.com right now to receive four referral keys.
· Recruits can start pre-loading the game as of now, through Uplay.
· Free weekend access begins Friday, December 18, 12:01 am CET and lasts through Sunday, December 20, 06:01 am CET.
· Each recruit who redeems a key will reward referrers with a 24-hour Renown Boost that they will receive shortly after the program ends.
· Recruits who decide to purchase the full game will receive a 25% discount from the Uplay Shop and keep their in-game progression.

Rainbow Six: Siege is a close-quarters-combat focused FPS game which departs quite a lot from what we’ve usually come to expect from the now-ancient game series. There’s an abundance of amazing gameplay mechanics such as impressive structural destruction, awesome weapons, vertical movement and plenty more to fiddle with. Sadly, there’s no campaign mode, but whether that’s a positive or negative thing is up to you to decide. The popular Terrorist Hunt is back with more bang than ever, and has you storming a random compound solo or with mates in an effort of wiping out the enemy AI combatants. It’s good fun, yes, but the random factor comes in the way, and the meat of the game is located in the tense multiplayer matches the game fosters. Of course, you’ll need a good crew to get the most fun out of Siege, and that’s where the referral program kicks in. What better way to begin playing a game such as this, than through having a pal refer you into the system, with a nice XP boost and a discount to boot.

Do you wonder how is it that people have fun in Rainbow Six: Siege? Here’s a video demonstrating exactly that. Alternatively, read our review of the game here!