ROCCAT Tyon Gaming Mouse

While I was chatting to Tim Krause from ROCCAT at EGX, he was excited to show us their new gaming mouse, which officially launches next week, the Tyon mouse. This mouse has a revolutionary analogue fin on the side that can control all kinds of things in your gaming. For Instance to free up more fingers while flying vehicles in Battlefield as this fin can control any axis you have assigned to it. As many of us already know while trying to corner in a jet takes some doing, this fin will elevate most of the need to have so many fingers on the keyboard while trying to achieve this feat. The Tyon mouse itself is designed extremely well and fits in your hand like a part of your skin, while having all of the buttons within very easy reach.

There is also another fin mid mouse on top, which can be flicked to either side simply and efficiently by tilting your hand while still freeing up those important fingers for the other functions. From what I have seen of the Tyon mouse it will definitely be a massive hit among the online war gamers. Tim explained that having the side fin analogue allows for precise movement to whatever axis you have assigned to it, which can all be done through their extensive software that accompanies the Tyon.

You may be thinking that mice already have too many buttons and adding more is just eradicating the entire simplicity of using them, but his is not so with the Tyon. It has definitely been designed to give more functionality, while remaining very simplistic and easy to use. For all of you gamers that like their equipment to look the part, the Tyon also sports two separate LED lighting systems, which can have separate colours and are also controlled via the software. The Tyon is set to cost around 99 euro when it officially launches next week, and we hope to have a full and informative review up as soon as possible. We are definitely excited to put this mouse through it’s paces. ROCCAT seem to be the company with their ideas firmly in the future, while delivering products that are made for gamers. Check out all their products here