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Select Asus Graphic Cards Coming With

Built-In Gamecaster



Live streaming is continuing to be an important feature to most gamers, and if you’re looking to upgrade you system and get in on the action, we’ve got good news for you. Splitmedialabs, developers of XSplit Gamecaster, has announced a partnership with Asus today, revealing a brand new impressive all-in-one package.

“Our partnership with ASUS represents an exciting opportunity for XSplit Gamecaster to expand its global presence, by empowering users to easily share their content with the world” said Andreas Hoye, COO of SplitmediaLabs. “We’re excited to partner with ASUS, and focus our combined energies on serving a broader range of customers with industry leading hardware and easy to use live streaming and recording applications.”

The cards that are offering this promotion are the GeForce Titan Series, Geforce 900 Series, Geforce 700 Series, GeForce 600 Series, Radeon R9 Series, and the Radeon R7 Series. Each of these cards will come with not only the built-in broadcasting software (and one year of premium service), but also Asus’s GPU Tweak.

XSplit’s Gamecaster uses a discreet in-game overlay to control you streaming and recording options, promising not to get in the way of your gameplay. It offers a wide assortment of webcam options including cropping, resizing, green screen transparency, in-game doodles and even transitional wipes. You’ll be able to share directly to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Google+, and you can do it from within the game.

While all of them offers a 14-day trial of the premium service, only the Titan, 900 and R9 series will offer a free one year membership. In order to use the trial, user will have to sign up for a XSplit account, and will receive access. Those who get a card offering a free year will have to register their card, fill out a questionnaire, and will get their free code.

XSplit Gamecaster offers a free software option already, so gamers with a decent enough rig can already download this program online. There are several other free options for streaming as well, including Open Broadcaster System.

If you buy one of these graphics card, you’ll receive not only the XSplit Gamecaster V2, but you’ll also get Asus’s exceptional GPU Tweak. With this additional software, you can adjust the clock speeds, voltage allowance and fan performance. You can also set different profiles, adjust the fan speed to go at different percentages depending on your GPU’s temperature or add onto your memory clock.

Those who are interested can visit Asus’s page for more information. Make sure you keep reading Mouse n Joypad for more information on upcoming hardware.