Team Fortress 2 Gets Competitive | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Valve’s FPS Classic to Gain a New Mode Based Around Competitive Play


Unless you’re fairly new to the internet, you’ve likely already heard about the cartoonishly violent team-based shooter, Team Fortress 2. Receiving near universal amounts of praise in its nine years of existence, and with dozens of content updates keeping gameplay fresh and exciting, it’s no wonder why Team Fortress 2 has remained relevant after all this time. So since the game is exceedingly popular, and owned by the ever up to date Valve; it should surprise almost no one to hear that TF2 is about to receive its very own competitive game mode.

With the rise of Esports and competitive video gaming, Valve seems to be looking at Team Fortress 2 as a possible new venue; recently launching the beta for a new “competitive mode”. Not much information is released as of yet on what this new mode entails, but speculation holds that certain silly aspects of the game will be reigned in; as Valve likely tries to make TF2 a more balanced experience.

Now, with the Beta Servers being introduced, players can, at least, find a glimpse for themselves of what this new game mode might hold. By joining up with the Competitive TF2 beta Steam Group, players have a chance of being randomly selected to be invited into the program. Sure, being randomly selected for such a program might seem unlikely given the large community that supports TF2; but players can rest assured that once they’re in, they will have ongoing access to the competitive beta server.

Currently, however, the only announced testing events to happen soon are standard server stress tests. Although bigger and more noteworthy updates are likely to follow in the coming weeks depending on how these stress tests go, and if you want to get in on things then there are three precautions you can take to increase your chances of becoming a beta tester.

All you need to do is

-be one of the people who bought the game before it went Free-To-Play, or buy something from the Mann Co. Store

-get the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator and have it enabled

-have a phone number that’s associated with your Steam account.

Of course, this won’t guarantee you anything, but having an increased chance of being selected is better than having practically no chance of being selected at all.