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The Last Tinker Cancelled for Xbox One



Earlier this year Minime Productions, the developer and publisher of The Last Tinker: City of Color released their game on PC. Minime have announced, last week on Twitter, that the Xbox One version of the game has ceased production. The announcement came on the back of a fan’s enquiry on the progress of the game’s development. Minime Productions stated that the reason for their cancellation was that the title sold below expectations on Sony’s PS4 and given that more PS4’s have been purchased than Xbox One’s the developers did not believe it would be beneficial to them to continue the project.

We reviewed the PC version of The Last Tinker: City of Color in May.

“The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a brilliant game, its art style is fantastically beautiful, characters are likeable and easy to care for and simple controls make it a pleasure to play. It has an incredibly adult plot but it has been done in such a way that children will likely just take away the message of acceptance and harmony that Mimimi Productions have striven to deliver. It’s a shame that there’s no multiplayer for The Last Tinker and occasional physics glitches stopped the flow of play but this is a very good game and is definitely worth a buy.”

You can read the full review here