The MSI Titan

Power In A Box


What is it that makes gaming on a laptop less feasible than gaming on a desktop PC? Is it the cramped keyboard? Limited upgrade options? Questionable reliability, perhaps? Or is it the simple fact that they’re way too expensive?

Well, if it’s anything but that last thing, MSI has released an answer to your prayers – the GT80 Titan. This 10-pound monster of a laptop is seemingly designed to show us that laptops indeed can be used for gaming with little to no difference compared to their desktop cousins. It comes equipped with an actual mechanical keyboard with German-made Cherry MX Brown switches, for starters – in case you abhore those cramped laptop keyboards. It’s bloody huge, with a 18.4 inch screen and two Nvidia GTX 980’s in SLI to power it. The cards are interchangeable, even, with each card having a specially designed cooling pipeline that’s going to keep your gaming sessions burn-free. The trackpad doubles as a touch-sensitive numerical keyboard so as to have all functions handy at all times.

There will be two versions available – one with 16 gigs of RAM and a high-end i7 processor, and the other one with 24 gigs of RAM memory and a legendary-level i7 processor. Both of which will keep you playing on ultra for years to come. That is, if you’re ready to spend 3300 USD on the ‘cheaper’ version.

If you’ve got too much money on your hand and love gaming laptops, here’s the link for when it gets released.