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Tritton Detonator Headset Review



Sound. It is one of the most important aspects to a game nowadays, if it’s not done right the entire game suffers, bad music can make a great game seem bad and a bad one even worse. If sound isn’t perfect it can shatter the illusion of the game, guns can feel weak in your hands as you pull the trigger,  etc, the list goes on, and not enough people realise the amount of effort that goes into something like sound. It is taken for granted too much nowadays. Thankfully appreciating the quality of sound is made a little easier for us all with the Tritton Detonator headset, the mid range item in their new range of Microsoft Certified headset range  made by Mad Catz.

This was awarded to myself after a hard fought battle in which I came second on Dance Central, I have another of our writers to thank for that as the bastard somehow scored a 100% score. But this is a badass headset so no hard feelings! The first you feel as soon as you get your hands on this piece is that it looks awesome, the colours work great with a combination of glossed and standard plastic, with a black and orange colour scheme. Tritton definitely score some pimp points for this, they know how to made stuff that looks good.  Alongside that, they feel good as well. The cups can rotate to a flat angle to rest happily on your chest whenever you’re taking a break from wearing them. I’ve worn them for hours and have no intention of taking them off today, they really are designed for comfort, the microphone allows for a full range of 360 swivelling, making it easy to wear them however you like, left or right.  Another brilliant thing about this headset is that it’s detachable, allowing this headset to function as everyday headphones as well, but more on that later.

The Tritton Detonator features a small control unit on the wire, this provides the ability to change the volume of the headphone output, your microphone input, and has a handy feature of playing your own microphone audio through the game, allowing you to see how loud you are, believe me, with someone who gets as passionate and loud in games as myself, this is a godsend. Alongside this all of the buttons on the mic are backlit for quick and easy access. There are some small issues with the Detonator, for example, the instruction manual can be a little confusing, you are really better off just jumping in, you can figure out how to use them pretty easily. During the gaming experience chatting was absolutely fine with crisp clear audio.

Now as mentioned previously, the microphone does detach, turning the Detonator from a badass headset to a badass pair of headphones. As a pair of headphones, I’m happy to say these will be my day to day ones from now on, the sound is clear, the bass is good and rich, the lyrics clear and crisp, and trying these out with multiple people with all genres of music from Heavy Metal to Acid Jazz and back again got nothing but good reviews. You know how when you listen to a song through better headphones than normal, and realise there’s an instrument or a nuance to it you never noticed was there? That happens a lot with these. The sturdy feel and nature of the Detonator also allows for you to totally tune out, with a lot of background noise reduction from the solid frame.

What it comes down to is that Tritton have made one hell of a headset, in todays market you have to pay for quality whether its for a headset or for headphones, and Tritton have provided a brilliant combination of both for a reasonable price. This may be the mid range item, but it’s sure as hell not one of mid range quality.