Victor Vran: The Hunt Begins Today! | MOUSE n JOYPAD

It’s finally happened – the Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 and Path of Exile aRPG trio have now turned into a quartet with the release of Victor Vran. As you may remember from our preview of the game, Victor Vran’s always had the potential to rise above the usual Diablo clones, and playing through the review build, I’ve got to say I’m thrilled to say that the potential’s been well tapped into.

That said, the game also features an amazing 94% user approval rating at Steam, just in case you thought I was going daft. Here’s what the press release says about the game: “Victor Vran features four player online co-op gameplay, a class-less gear-based character progression system, dozens of secrets, over 400 different challenges and dynamic difficulty personalization. The game was created with replayability in mind and promises many hours of pure fun on top of the 20-hour story campaign.”

Which is as complete a description as any. While our review of the game may not be ready yet, it will be sometime in the next 24 hours, so stay tuned.

As if this piece of news isn’t awesome on its own, developers of Victor Vran have also accounced that they’ll continue to roll out free updates for the forseeable future and, more importantly will release at least one expansion for the game. That’s right, Victor Vran will be getting expansion packs – details are yet to be announced however, but rest assured that Mouse N Joypad will feature this information as soon as it pops up.

As an added bonus, all players will receieve three pieces of completely free DLC in the coming weeks. The Tome of Souls will feature a completely new weapon class, The Highlander Outfit will add a new outfit, obviously. The third content update is the most interesting one however, as it will add a “huge new map which will offer a randomized layout, encounters and daily challenges”. Better yet, a local co-op option is in the works also, which is as brilliant as it was unexpected.

Victor Vran is currently available on Steam and, and you can check out the launch trailer down below: