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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Linux Release


The predominant focus for PC gaming has always been in the hands of Microsoft and today is a prime example. As the Steam summer sale has begun and gamer’s wallets have rapidly emptied and our paychecks all but deceased, you begin to realize the shocking lack of titles awarded to Mac and Linux users. In the short term this may be a benefit for these consumers, being able to save their money through such appealing sales, yet in the long term gamers will have to make do. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is left unresolved however there may be hope in the future. More games then ever have been released onto multiple PC platforms with the vast majority being received on Mac. Linux is still bottom of the pile yet have received a welcome announcement.

The huge blockbuster title XCOM: Enemy Unknown by Ferel Interactive, who has joyfully announced its release on the Linux platform, allowing users to play this, until now, unreachable title. The multi-award winning strategy game can be sold alone or with all three pieces of downloadable content making up the complete edition.

For those who aren’t familiar, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a re-imagining of the groundbreaking classic X-COM: UFO Defense tasking players to defend the Earth from a hostile alien threat in a tactical turn-based style that is so familiar with this franchise. You are a secret global military in charge of the combat strategies and tactics. This even ranges to base management and resource harvesting.

Whilst currently an older title, being released back in 2012, it doesn’t allow Linux users to feel special in anyway but it may encourage them to have faith in future editions to the franchise, allowing them access to the newer titles on the same date as other platforms. As well as this, Ferel Interactive are very influential and may encourage other development studios to value Linux as an equal platform and demonstrate some understanding towards the undervalued audience. Whatever the case, at least Linux users have a brilliant game to play on their computers.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is available on Steam for Linux users now for the low Steam sale price of £3.74 for the basic copy and £8.24 for the complete edition.


Linux Requirements: (As listed on Steam)


OS: Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit)

Processor: 2GHz

Memory: 4GB Memory

Graphics: 512MB*

Hard Drive:16GB HD space

Other Requirements: Nvidia 600 series+, AMD 6000 series+, Intel Iris Pro


OS: Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit)

Processor: 3 GHz

Memory: 8GB Memory

Graphics: 1GB*

Hard Drive: 16GB HD space

Other Requirements: Nvidia 700 series+, AMD 6000 series+


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