Battle Fleet 2 Release Date Announced – MOUSE n JOYPAD

Battle Fleet 2 Release Date Announced


The upcoming title from Capital J Media Battle Fleet 2 has been given a release date. The game will be releasing on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac on July 17th. It will feature cross platform multiplayer across all platforms of release.

Battle Fleet 2 is a naval combat simulation set in the WW2 era. Players manually control how the ships move, each ship; selecting which guns to bring, use, the angle and the power of their shots. Additionally carriers bring planes to perform bombing runs and interception missions into battles. Fights can take place around island chains, which can help provide cover, blocking line of sight, or forcing enemies to run aground. All of this comes together in a fast paced battle in scenarios, campaign mode, or online.

We got our hands on an early build of the game and you can see our first impressions preview here

Capital J Media is an independent game development studio based out of Portland, OR. Some of their previous works include the original Battle Fleet, which was the #1 game on the Mac App Store, Starbase Gunship and Cube Smash

For more information on Battle Fleet 2 you can go to the Battle Fleet website.