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Mortal Kombat X – Meet Quan Chi



If it has escaped anyone’s notice there is a new Mortal Kombat game heading our way. Mortal Kombat X or MKX is scheduled for release in April 2015 and over the last couple of months we have seen gameplay from the heavy hitting giant that is MKX.

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment have released a new trailer introducing us to a new character: Quan Chi. Quan Chi is described as “the tattooed sorcerer” and a “master manipulator”. Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick talks a little about this character and his fighting styles.

There are three variations to choose from:

  • Sorcerer – The Sorcerer variation grants Quan Chi the ability to cast a variety of spells that occupy targeted areas in the arena. Some spells enhance Quan Chi’s special moves allowing him to deal more damage while others will weaken his opponent


  • Warlock – The Warlock variation allows Quan Chi to use dark portals in combat that will allow you to crate unpredictable combos. In the trailer we can see Quan Chi hurl his opponent through the portals as well as throwing blows through them himself.


  • Summoner – As the Summoner Quan Chi will be able to call forth a demonic beast from the NeverRealm to fight by his side. We can see the winged beast appearing during the combat to land a few blows.


The trailer showcases the classic Mortal Kombat style with amazing visuals and of course, gnarly and brutal fatalities. To top off Quan Chi’s rein of supreme portal assisted ass kicking, he enters the arena on a demonic zombie horse…. And why the hell not?

Himmerick goes on to say that Quan Chi will play a “major role in the MKX story”

Mortal Kombat X will release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC on April 14th 2015.

For all your Quan Chi sorcerer needs you can watch the fill video below and bask in all the glory MKX has to offer.