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Battleborn Will Have Skill-Based Multiplayer


You know what all gearbox software games have in common? They make you shoot stuff in the face, and no matter who you are or what your personal preference is you will enjoy the feeling you get with a shotgun that fires grenades and blows an enemy to tiny pieces. You will giggle like a schoolgirl.

On that note I bring you Battleborn. Battleborn is a first-person shooter with multiplayer online battle arena elements, in which players engage in combat through a first-person perspective. Think league of legends but fun…hopefully.

Battleborn has actually been in the works for a while now, it got announced back in 2014 and had an E3 gameplay demo this year but I’m still excited for but also cautious. It’s like For Honor, it looks absolutely amazing and is stacking up to be the game I’ve always needed but…Ubisoft… With regards to Battleborn; it too looks great but the whole battle arena thing is a bit of a hesitant point for me. Halo 5 has kind of increased my standing with the arena multiplayer concept but not by much.

The setting of the multiplayer doesn’t matter though if the underlying structure is broken, take Halo Master Chief Collection for example, but I’m glad to say that Gearbox Software is planning to make the matchmaking system skill-based.

“We will do skill-based matchmaking,”

Was what Randy Varnell, Creative Director at Gearbox, had to say. He also went onto to say;

“We’re using Microsoft Thunderhead servers right now and they’ve got some support for skill matchmaking. Steam also has some support for that on PC, so we’re looking into some different options there, but we know it’s a very important thing and we’re trying to get it in by launch. If it’s not in by launch it’ll be very shortly after that”

While the method of how the matchmaking system will actually work is still in consideration, the end goal is clear. Gearbox has had a good reputation when it comes to multiplayer based games so it’s pretty much a given that Battleborn will be sturdy on release.

The IP most recognisable from Gearbox would be the titular Borderlands series, which also has a new instalment on the way.

Battleborn is set to drop on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 9th 2016, can’t wait.

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