Warframe Introducing Vauban Prime | MOUSE n JOYPAD


It’s that time again – there’s a new Prime Access making its way into the rich (and ever-so-richer) world of Warframe, and it’s happening tomorrow, 17. of this month!

If you’re at all interested in Warframe, surely you’ve heard by now that the next Prime Frame is none other than Vauban, and he comes packing some serious heat in the form of Akstilleto sub-machine guns and the powerful Fragor war hammer. Of course, all of these items are already available in their non-Prime variants as it stands, but the Prime armaments are undoubtedly going to be more potent than their cheap knockoffs. As usual, expect minimal differences between Vauban and Vauban Prime aside from the ancient original’s phenomenal design work inspired by the real-life Bastille fort, but we’ll return to this a bit later. We can also confirm that as a special cosmetic item available for those willing to pay for the newest Prime Access, will be coming a unique Citadella Prime syandana that will be unavailable for the non-paying players.

Now, the parts for Vauban, Akstilleto and Fragor will be entering the Void as per usual, only now replacing the Loki, Bo and Wyrm Prime drops. These items will still be available ingame, except no longer farmable – although they are scheduled to return every once in a while with the opening of the Prime Vault, where ancestral items are kept to unburden the drop tables.

If you’re not into the shininess of Primes, but do enjoy playing Vauban, you’re in for a treat, as the fabled tactician is due to be reworked as well! We’re looking at mid-sized kit modifications, really, with his Tesla, Bastille and Vortex remaining much the same (albeit tweaked), with Vauban’s #2 skill being revamped into an Ivara-esque four-function combo. Expect tripwires, concussion grenades and more – all coming tomorrow.

To get you all Primed up (ha) for the tomorrow’s release, here’s the phenomenal lore trailer for the original Vauban-pattern Warframe, narrated by the gravelly-voiced Executor Ballas.