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The MSI Titan Power In A Box   What is it that makes gaming on a laptop less feasible than gaming on a desktop PC? Is it the cramped keyboard? Limited upgrade options? Questionable reliability, perhaps? Or is it the simple fact that they’re way too expensive? Well, if it’s anything but that last thing, MSI has released an answer to your prayers – the GT80 Titan....[Read More]

Big Screen Gaming Made Faster By Screeneo | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Big Screen Gaming Made Faster By Screeneo GAMERS TO GAIN ADVANTAGE WITH RAPID RESPONSE TIME AND INCREDIBLY SHORT TIME LAG ON PHILIPS SCREENEO   Serious gamers and those that love to play games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo or the Assassins Creed franchise, will be thrilled by today’s revelation from Sagemcom – that its Scree...[Read More]

ROCCAT Tyon Gaming Mouse

While I was chatting to Tim Krause from ROCCAT at EGX, he was excited to show us their new gaming mouse, which officially launches next week, the Tyon mouse. This mouse has a revolutionary analogue fin on the side that can control all kinds of things in your gaming. For Instance to free up more fingers while flying vehicles in Battlefield as this fin can control any axis you have assigned to it. A...[Read More]

ROCCAT Kave XTD Stereo Headset

While at EGX I had the pleasure of sitting down and having a chat to Tim Krause, who is the Senior PR Manager at ROCCAT. On Tuesday they released the Kave XTD Stereo Headset, which they are very proud of. In fact I had the chance to get a good look at these headsets in action at the War Thunder booth, and I have to say these are an impressive statement. These also come in 3 different military styl...[Read More]

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner   Since launch, it’s been Microsoft’s vision to bring more entertainment features and enable live TV through Xbox One to more markets around the world. Fans in Europe have been asking for this functionality on Xbox Feedback and today, Microsoft are pleased to announce that Xbox One users in the UK...[Read More]

Thrustmaster And Project Cars | MOUSE n JOYPAD

THRUSTMASTER AND PROJECT CARS FIRST SERIES OF RACING WHEELS IMPLEMENTED IN THE PS4, XBOX ONE AND PC VERSIONS OF THE GAME! When Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS is released, Thrustmaster’s racing wheels will be implemented and ready for use. Racing simulation enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a breathtaking experience at a new level of realism in this highly anticipated release. F...[Read More]


THRUSTMASTER UNVEILS ITS SECOND WHEEL FOR XBOX ONE!       Following on from the success of the Force Feedback TX Racing Wheel, Thrustmaster is expanding its range of officially-licensed Xbox One products with the launch of a new wheel: the Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel. Featuring an official license from Ferrari as well, this replica wheel will allow an even g...[Read More]

Xbox One Titanfall Bundle | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Xbox One now £399.99 (ERP) in the UK from February 28th Xbox One bundled with Titanfall at no additional cost while supplies last From February 28th the new UK estimated retail price (ERP) of Xbox One will be £399.99*. Xbox One including Titanfall will also be available for pre-order from today at the same price of £399.99 (ERP)**. Harvey Eagle, Marketing Director, Xbox UK said: “At Xbox, we ...[Read More]

Evil Mods Available For Xbox One | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Evil Controllers releases their infamous Master Mod for the Xbox One! Evil Controllers has brought advanced gameplay features to the newest generation of hardware, aimed at enhancing a player’s gameplay experience.  On Monday, January 27th, Evil Controllers released their world famous Master Mod for the Xbox One. Hardcore gamers can now purchase modded Xbox One controllers, featuring the most s...[Read More]

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