The Power Glove Belongs with the Nintendo NX

Could Nintendo’s next system be their attempt at true virtual reality?   “I love the Power Glove… It’s so bad…” – Lucas Who didn’t see the Power Glove in 1989’s The Wizard, and immediately felt like they were entering a new realm of gaming? Well, that feeling has continued popping up with every new Move and Kinect, making us less optimistic with each passing failure of interactive immersion. ...[Read More]


The MSI Titan Power In A Box   What is it that makes gaming on a laptop less feasible than gaming on a desktop PC? Is it the cramped keyboard? Limited upgrade options? Questionable reliability, perhaps? Or is it the simple fact that they’re way too expensive? Well, if it’s anything but that last thing, MSI has released an answer to your prayers – the GT80 Titan....[Read More]

Big Screen Gaming Made Faster By Screeneo | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Big Screen Gaming Made Faster By Screeneo GAMERS TO GAIN ADVANTAGE WITH RAPID RESPONSE TIME AND INCREDIBLY SHORT TIME LAG ON PHILIPS SCREENEO   Serious gamers and those that love to play games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo or the Assassins Creed franchise, will be thrilled by today’s revelation from Sagemcom – that its Scree...[Read More]

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Review

WHAT WE LIKED User friendly UI. Excellent quality capture. Simple streaming function. It can stream and record at the same time. Sleek design. WHAT WE DISLIKED Very demanding to run at full spec.   OUR FINAL THOUGHTS ! The Elgato Game Capture HD60 is a sleek and subtle device that will fit almost anywhere, it’s easy to set up and is very user friendly. The hardware requirements to run the HD6...[Read More]

ROCCAT Tyon Gaming Mouse

While I was chatting to Tim Krause from ROCCAT at EGX, he was excited to show us their new gaming mouse, which officially launches next week, the Tyon mouse. This mouse has a revolutionary analogue fin on the side that can control all kinds of things in your gaming. For Instance to free up more fingers while flying vehicles in Battlefield as this fin can control any axis you have assigned to it. A...[Read More]

ROCCAT Kave XTD Stereo Headset

While at EGX I had the pleasure of sitting down and having a chat to Tim Krause, who is the Senior PR Manager at ROCCAT. On Tuesday they released the Kave XTD Stereo Headset, which they are very proud of. In fact I had the chance to get a good look at these headsets in action at the War Thunder booth, and I have to say these are an impressive statement. These also come in 3 different military styl...[Read More]

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner   Since launch, it’s been Microsoft’s vision to bring more entertainment features and enable live TV through Xbox One to more markets around the world. Fans in Europe have been asking for this functionality on Xbox Feedback and today, Microsoft are pleased to announce that Xbox One users in the UK...[Read More]

Thrustmaster And Project Cars | MOUSE n JOYPAD

THRUSTMASTER AND PROJECT CARS FIRST SERIES OF RACING WHEELS IMPLEMENTED IN THE PS4, XBOX ONE AND PC VERSIONS OF THE GAME! When Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS is released, Thrustmaster’s racing wheels will be implemented and ready for use. Racing simulation enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a breathtaking experience at a new level of realism in this highly anticipated release. F...[Read More]

Klipsch KG-200 Gaming Headset Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Klipsch KG-200 Gaming Headset Review      Klipsch as a company has been around for decades supplying highly engineered sound for a wide variety of applications, from cinemas to the home. Recently however, they have joined the growing list of companies that realise how big the gaming industry has become, and how important it is...[Read More]

Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel Review

WHAT WE LIKED Full size pedals, with loads of foot room on the board. Rubber grips to stop those sweaty slips. Brilliantly designed and well finished. WHAT WE DISLIKED I would have liked a longer USB cable to connect to the console. OUR FINAL THOUGHTS ! All I should have to say is that, IT’S A FERRARI WHEEL! Driving has been a passion for the human race since the invention of the car, and th...[Read More]


THRUSTMASTER UNVEILS ITS SECOND WHEEL FOR XBOX ONE!       Following on from the success of the Force Feedback TX Racing Wheel, Thrustmaster is expanding its range of officially-licensed Xbox One products with the launch of a new wheel: the Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel. Featuring an official license from Ferrari as well, this replica wheel will allow an even g...[Read More]

The Art Of Titanfall Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

The Art Of Titanfall Review   Over the last few months Titanfall has been on the lips of every Xbox gamer, mainly due to the hype surrounding the game, and I have to say that judging by the Beta which we covered here, the hype so far is justified. Few of us actually stand back and think about how much work actually goes into a game such as this one, we are far to eager to dive head fir...[Read More]