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GAT Out Of London


Deep Silver have today shared a video of how to “Gat” around London in style while avoiding the traffic. Why not sit back and relax as you take to the streets in the newest form of transport to hit the metropolitan city of London, the Armchairmageddon. This sturdy piece of engineering combines all the things a gamer would need in their everyday life, a comfortable place to sit and view the world, built in GATling guns and if you upgrade to the deluxe model, a cup holder for you beer or hot beverages. Coming in a range of colours from the one shown in the video to the one shown in the video, the Armchairmageddon gets you from A-B not only in style but at a whopping 3 miles an hour. You better have plenty of gel in your hair to ride this baby through the streets. Made by Johnny Gat Industries and comes complete with self loading weapons this Armchairmageddon retails for $2,000,000 but maybe you can pick it up cheaper in the January sales. Keep an eye out for this in the new year where it is sure to be all the rage.