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Blizzard Prepares Launch Of New

WoW Expansion



The decade old World of Warcraft train keeps on chugging; but even if it’s still the exemplar of the MMO genre, that hasn’t saved it from a slow decline in subscribers. Blizzard Entertainment has a plan for that, another huge expansion, similar in scope to the five previous expansions but no less exciting for old World of Warcraft players. At Gamescon Blizzard officially announced their new expansion, simply titled “Legion”, which introduces the new broken isles region, new artifact weapons, class orders and the new Demon Hunter class.

World of Warcraft: Legion will be set on the aforementioned “Broken Isles”, a land of a once mighty but since lost night-elf civilization; now it is home to a large host of demons. The main quest will be to exercise these demons from the broken isles by way of ancient titan relics, which shaped the world itself eons ago. From these titan relics the players will banish the demons back into Legion’s portal.

Beyond the story, one of the most obvious and perhaps that which will get the most people excited is the new Demon Hunter hero class. Demon Hunter players will start out the game already as high levels and have a special prologue quest set years prior to the main events which give background to the release of Legion. The class will also come with their own specializations, such as the Tank Vengeance and the DPS Havoc.

Players can also expect some other changes, such as the powerful artifact weapons and interesting Class Orders. The new Class Orders have been added as a sort of temporary replacement for the Horde and Alliance in Legion areas since they will not be working together. Class Orders will have players using Class Halls which will act as a headquarters for each class to operate from, eventually accruing great prominence through the Legion storyline. The next addition is the artifacts, unique and powerful weapons. The artifacts are dependent on class and specializations as well as being only obtainable through specific quests. The most notable thing about artifact weapons is that they level with the player and can be upgraded with new abilities and cosmetic customizations.

World of Warcraft: Legion will still add the usual set of new dungeons and raids along with an updated level cap of 110. With an expected Beta later this year, Blizzard aims to have Legion bring back some of the older players as well as keeping those still playing interested.