Gat Out Of Hell Announced | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Volition and Deep Silver have announced a new standalone DLC for Saint’s Row 4 named “Gat Out of Hell”, an obvious homage to Meatloaf’s hit song. This DLC appears to take place after the events of Saint’s Row 4, with all the crew sitting around a Ouija board, asking it if the Boss will ever “choose a partner to reign alongside them”. The board then spells out “Jezebel” before a hellish portal opens up, sucks in the Boss and blinks out of existence. Johnny and Kinzie then go on an adventure through Hell itself to get him back.

From what we’ve seen from the trailer, the Devil wants (what looks like) his daughter to marry the Boss. Johnny’s only plan is to “shoot the Devil in the face”. That’s pretty much it for plot at this time. The game play, however, has been shown of a great deal. For one, you’re playing as the Johnny Gat, who (SPOILERS!) was kidnapped by Zinyak at the beginning of Saint’s Row The Third just because he was such a large threat to his invasion. The Boss took on alien fleets to save his friend, and now Gat’s going to Hell and back to return the favour.

Secondly, we now have vehicle-less flight. Actual flight. None of that Crackdown-y, Prototype-esque gliding from the simulation, I mean full on demon-winged flight, swooping around buildings and barnstorming slightly above the ground. You do have a flight meter, which is represented by feathers but will be replenished as soon as your feet touch the ground. The city itself is a brand new (which should appease those disappointed by Saint’s Row 4’s recycled city) with flight in mind, which the developers hope adds a whole new verticality to the game.

The Insurance Fraud minigame is back in full force, with Gat taking on the appearance of a shambling cursed soul and getting hit by all the demonic vehicles. The weapons are as zany and Saint’s Row-like as ever, the most prominent of which is an armchair. This isn’t any regular armchair, however. This is a mini-gun armed comfy chair of malice, which shoots homing rockets when you recline. This isn’t even a vehicle, it’s in your weapon wheel.

Gat Out of Hell is expected to be released on the 27th January 2015.