Warframe Update 14.5 Released – MOUSE n JOYPAD

You didn’t think Digital Extremes were slacking, now did you? Instead of silently releasing another weapon/accessory pack and fixing stuff, the guys and gals behind Warframe decided to spice things up with a special event!

Operation Cryotic Front has us, Tenno, running an errand for a mysterious benefactor that is in return going to supply us with a pack of special ice-based mods to upgrade our arsenal. Pro tip: combine fire and ice status/damage mods for explosive results. Now, this reward isn’t all that special in and of itself, but the execution of the errand, however, is. Replacing Survival on certain planetary nodes, the new Excavation mode is a much more interesting endeavor. You will be fighting across multiple stages of operation, powering different machinery and trying to survive the onslaught of both Grineer and Corpus hordes. There are three stages of rewards, too, with said ice mods being the middle ground here. For 500 event points, you get a unique holographic badge to show off, 1000 points will net you the ice mod pack, and for 3000 you will earn a rather fascinating version of an old Orokin rifle – the Latron Wraith. Also, a unique skin for another new weapon is added to the mix. Even better, there’s little to no grind involved this time around, as the more experienced Tenno will be able to wrap the whole thing up in an hour or less. And you will get a hefty amount of Cryotic, the new resource, to boot. What’s not to like?

Three more “ordinary” weapons are added too. The Nukor Grineer handgun works as a portable microwave, essentially cooking your enemies from within with radiation damage. Glaxion, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to freeze your enemies solid where they stand. Both firearms are only available via clan research, however, so it’ll take a couple of days and a whole bunch of resources to research these toys before actually getting to play with them. Luckily, the third weapon is available as a blueprint on the market – the tonfa. Kronen is a badass looking dual tonfa melee armament whose new stance drops on the Excavation missions. Yours truly already owns the stance, although the weapon itself isn’t crafted just yet.

Among other changes, you can now donate your Kubrow to Lotus if you’re bored of it. Oh, you can customize him/her also, with unique colours and patterns available on the market as we speak. Don’t forget about the whole bunch of tweaks and fixes, either!

Here’s the link to the whole changelog if you’re interested. Happy hunting, Tenno.