Have A Devil Of A Time In The Final Episode of ‘The Detail’ | MOUSE n JOYPAD


If you’re a lover of film noir and detective novels, you may want to check out this graphic novel-inspired mystery. Rival Games has announced that their indie game ‘The Detail,’ is releasing its explosive final episode of its crime adventure. The series is known for blending addictive television execution with story-driven choice-based gameplay, providing what they call in a press release a “deep mystery” with “multiple subplots.” This third act entitled ‘Devil In The Detail’ will be released on April 28th through Steam.

The story involves a detective named Reggie Moore, an informant Joe Miller and street officer Katelyn Hayes as they take on a modern day noir storyline. With a new crimes unit and Reggie ready to expose the city’s secrets, he’s risking everything to make sure the truth comes to light. Joe can’t shake the past and Kate is conflicted by what it is to be a cop and the cost of human lives. This last chapter will bring all of their stories to a dramatic finale that the developers promise you won’t want to miss.

“Inspired by the emotional impact of adventure games and TV shows such as The Wire, The Detail contains mature themes for older players and we are excited to bring these elements to a head in the first season’s finale with Episode 3 – Devil in the Detail,” said Jukka Laakso, “Chief Eating Officer” of Rival Games in a press release. “The episodic structure of The Detail allows players to experience branching storylines where tough moral choices will haunt them throughout the whole season, and we can’t wait to hear from players about how the season plays out for them”.

The first two entries have had mostly positive praise from the Steam community and critics alike. Steam users currently rate the game a 7/10, while Metacritic has the game at a 77 based on professional reviews, with a user score 7.4. Stephen Turner of Destructoid gave the game a 5/10, calling the experience “An exercise in apathy, neither solid nor liquid. Not exactly bad, but not very good either. Just a bit ‘meh,’ really.”

“Devil in the Detail” will be a DLC purchase on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux, and will be released with a 25% discount for €4.49, £3.60, $4.49 for the one episode, or as part of a three-episode season bundle at €9.99, £6.99, $9.99. For more gaming news straight from the mean streets, make sure you keep reading Mouse N Joypad.