Undead Raz From Psychonauts Is Teaming Up With Zombie Vikings | MOUSE n JOYPAD

With the recent news that Psychonauts will be receiving a sequel, the almost forgotten protagonist Raz is making a comeback, and now will be in more than on release. Despite how amazing Raz is, he has sadly died and travelled back in time to join the ranks in Zombie Vikings, a new game by Zoink Games. Best of all, this character will be free if you own the game. How he died doesn’t really matter- what does, however, is retrieving Odin’s eye from Loki. At least, I don’t think it matters…


In one a bizarre crossover, Double Fine Games has allowed Zoink to put a zombified version of Raz in their game, all under the guiding hand of Tim Schafer. Zombie Vikings is a multiplayer brawler, very much in the same style and tone as Castle Crasher, as you hack and slash your way through a macabre world inspired by Norse mythology. Utilizing a blend of comedy and grossness, the pairing seems like a great match up.

According to a press release, Schafer helped in the creation of this newly dead version of his beloved character. Schafer says that “Zombie Vikings is really funny and has lots of style! Just like real vikings!” Schafer is of course one of the pioneers of early PC gaming, with many classics such as Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango and the Monkey Island series.

“Raz-ombie” will function just like the other characters, but also includes some uniqueness that makes him stand out from the crowd. One of these maneuvers is the “Ford Cruller Special Ability,” with Raz’s head opening up to reveal a psycho-portal of the insane leader of the Psychonauts. Of course, bacon will most likely play a huge role in these abilities.


“After bouncing a few ideas with Tim ended up designing this awesome bacon attack that good old Ford Cruller shoots from this head,” says Klaus Lyngeled in a Playstation Blog post, Creative Director at Zoink. “We also wanted to give him a really special weapon. In the end, we got inspired by the two-headed baby in the Double Fine logo and gave him a pretty stunning double bladed sword!” “Drawing Raz from Psychonauts as a gangly dead Viking in our art style has been an amazing honor,” says Zoink Games’ Klaus Lyngeled in the press release.

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