Ubisoft E3 Breifing Overview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Ubisoft Rundown


Ubisoft, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, has now had its E3 Conference. The creators of some of the best open world games to date, Ubisoft have a lot of weight on their shoulders this year. The only question is, what have they brought to the table? Well…

South Park: Fractured But Whole: A whole new South Park game! Ubisoft’s conference got off to a strong start with Matt Stone and Trey Parker kicking things off. The creators of South Park announced their new game to the audience. What can we expect to see?

• Superhero theme opposed to the fantasy theme of the last game.

• More jokes, more series references for long-time fans to enjoy.

It looks like even more love and care has gone into this title, building upon the successes of its predecessor. South Park: Fractured But Whole is already available for pre-purchase.

For Honor: Who likes Chivalry? Everyone, right? Well, Ubisoft noticed this and have unveiled their own medieval combat game, For Honor. This is a pretty realistic looking title, focusing on weighty weapons and physics to decimate your enemies. Features for all you gamers out there:

• Settle arguments about who’d win in a fight between Vikings, Samurais and Knights.

• Realistic, satisfying PVP and PVE combat.

• Bragging rights for destroying your friends in the heart of the battlefield.

The beta for “For Honor” will be announced at a later date.

The Crew: Wild Run: The Crew was an incredibly ambitious title for Ubisoft. Were there problems? Sure. But phoenixes are known for rising from the ashes, and this sequel looks like it will do just that. Who wants to see an even bigger, more in depth map? This, and more await you:

• Monster Trucks! No further explanation needed.

• Motorbikes! Again, pretty self-explanatory.

• More missions, settings, and surprises waiting in store!

Not too much information has been released for The Crew: Wild Run just yet. Keep tuned at Mouse’n’Joypad for the latest.
Trials Fusion: Awesome Level MAX: No, that wasn’t me being inventive with the title. That’s the genuine name of the expansion pack for Trials Fusion. I can imagine it now. Someone was told to make “Pure Freaking Awesomeness” into a playable game. The result is Trails Fusion: Awesome Level MAX. Features of this ridiculously cool trailer include:

• A cat person riding a unicorn.

• Said unicorn breathes fire.

• Said fire-breathing unicorn rides on a craggy rock surface, while meteorites strike the Earth.

• Said meteorites leave a rainbow trail.

This will be unleashed unto the world on July 14 2015.
Tom Clancy’s The Division: Possibly Ubisoft’s most anticipated and demanded game to date, Tom Clancy’s: The Division is a stranger to nobody. Teamwork appears to be vital for success. Everyone needs to analyse the situation, be methodical and choose the best plan for action. Do we flank, do we sneak past, or do we go in guns blazing? So many possibilities.

• Loot with unique stats, for all you Borderlands fans out there.

• Tight-nit teamwork is absolutely necessary for success in Co-Op.

• Last minute betrayals! Because who doesn’t want to be a backstabbing so-and-so every once in a while?

And the good news keeps coming. Demo and beta builds become available to gamers who sign up. These demos are slated for release early next year, with the full game being released across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on March 8th 2016.