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Konami Announces

Metal Gear Solid: The 1984 Collection



[Update] There are now reports that Konami is confirming this is a clothing line they’re going to be releasing. The original story follows.

Konami released a teaser logo out to the masses today, stating that “The 80’s is coming…” on their official Twitter page. This comes after a ton of turbulence has emerged out of the company, revolving around the series designer Hideo Kojima’s nasty breakup with his long time employer.

Step back into the 80’s with our new MGS collection coming very soon!Stay tuned!

— KONAMI Europe (@konamieu) May 5, 2015

The layout clearly has a Vice City vibe going on, with a neon tile design and metallic lettering, the use of pink lettering rounding out all the cliches. Sterling Archer would be proud. It’s bizarre, considering how much turmoil has been going on behind the scenes at Konami. What’s even stranger is the fact that Metal Gear didn’t even come out until after 1987, making the title seem completely nonsensical.

Konami did not share any further information on what this ‘1984 collection’ could be, but some fans have already started theorizing that it’ll just be a remastered collection of Metal Gear Solid games from the MSX2 era. These games were made available in the past through Snake Eater and the Anniversary Collection, but perhaps this might be a mobile adaptation.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is scheduled for release in September, so this will surely tie-in with its release. Perhaps this’ll be more than just a re-release of the Metal Gear games; perhaps they’ll change things up completely. Many observers noted the similarity between this logo and Farcry 3’s Blood Dragon’s promotional material, suggesting that there may be something more to this than just a simple port of older games.

One thing this does shows is that Konami is planning on continuing to use the Metal Gear franchise without the involvement of Hideo Kojima. Konami has been making constant waves as of late, and their future seems uncertain as they move into a post-Kojima era at their company. We’ll have more information as details emerge here at Mouse n Joypad.