Neon Town Reveal Trailer Released | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Treneon Games, a new Canadian game studio, has just released a reveal trailer for their upcoming game, Neon Town.

Neon Town is an upcoming single-player, top-down action game for the PC featuring fast-paced combat and tough boss battles. The game seeks to revive the feeling of old school action games, with an emphasis on tough and rewarding boss fights.

“You’re just one big gray area; did a ton of good, but a whole lot of bad.” – an ominous message from the reveal trailer.

When playing the game, you’re dropped down into an unknown Transylvanian town that is constantly illuminated by colorful neon lights. The town is essentially a version of purgatory, and you play as a character that has lived a life of mixed morals. While he’s done a lot of good throughout his life, he’s also done a lot of terrible things. The trailer reveals that you must travel to the tower at the center of town and escape by defeating twelve bosses with up to fourteen upgradable weapons. Other features include:

– Five Spirit powers that give you elemental powers such as frost and fire to give you an advantage in combat

– A Colosseum Mode to test your skills against some of the most challenging bosses and enemies in the entire game

– A soundtrack by members of Windfall Foundation

– Fully animated cutscenes for each daunting boss encounter

Perhaps the most unique feature of Neon Town is its visuals. As the title implies, the game features bright neon colors and hand-painted visual style, the latter of which is reminiscent of games like Braid. Though the trailer doesn’t show too much gameplay, it does set up an interesting premise and draws you in with its visuals and atmosphere.

If your fans of games like Tango Fiesta, HELLDIVERS, or Earth Overclocked, then you may be interested in Neon Town.

What do you think of Neon Town? Does its unique visuals and mysterious premise draw you in? If so, you can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight here

Treneon Games is a new studio based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada that’s comprised of several artists, musicians, writers, animators, and programmers dedicated to making amazing games and living out their childhood dreams of developing video games.

For more info on the game or the studio, you can check out Treneon Games’ website. You can also watch the reveal trailer below.