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Star Wars Battlefront: Concept Art Released



This Week EA and DICE revealed some concept art from the next installment of the Star Wars Battlefront franchise. This is also the first bit of information that we have received since the game was announced (via that tantalizing teaser trailer) back at E3 2013 and the brief update last year. The highly anticipated game will run on the Frostbit Engine 3 (used for Battlefield, Dragon Age: Inquisition) and will likely have a variety of modes and maps — with some maps being developed for certain modes. Frostbite is enhanced by the studio’s photogrammetry, a practice where they use photographed images to deliver realistic detail (this was also used to critical acclaim in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter).

Back to the task at hand — the gorgeous piece of concept art that was released, also seems to take place on Endor. The picture has: two rebels are hiding behind an old, tall pine tree with what looks to be a detonation device of some sort, while a couple of Stormtroopers are hunkered down in battle and an AT-ST storms through the forest while another one who is demolished — lays at its feet while the forest burns. The piece of concept art does give a little hint to the gameplay — epic 32 man fights on highly recognizable Star Wars planets and locations are probably a safe bet.
DICE will be officially unveiling the gameplay this spring and one of the game’s designers, Niklus Fegraeus, had this to say about the project, “We’ve been showing the game to some close partners and one of the things we hear is that it doesn’t feel like other shooters and that it’s fully born from Star Wars. That really strikes a chord with me and the team as that is exactly the emotion and feeling we are going for and we can’t wait to show the world more this spring.”

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