Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Build & Trailer Has Been Released | MOUSE n JOYPAD

It’s moments like this, where you might look back and say to yourself, “why in the hell didn’t I pay into Star Citizen’s Kickstarter?” Or, you’re playing it right now, and the rest of us hates you. Cloud Imperium Games has released its newest build of their massive space adventure game. Chris Roberts, the designer behind the classic PC games Wing Commander, Privateer and Starlancer seems very pleased with the direction his masterpiece is going.

“Alpha 2.0 is a major breakthrough for Stars Citizen,” said Roberts in a press release. “It represents the first true slice of gameplay that includes much of what Star Citizen will bring to our fans: thrilling space combat in a massive play area, first person battles and multi-crew ships where you and your friends can adventure together in a portion of the universe on the same ship. It’s all technology that has never been undertaken to this scale and depth before in our industry.”


Outside of the ever improving graphics, this update brings along a ton of new additions to the gameplay. New locations include a brand new planet called ‘Crusader,’ three moons, three space stations and nine comm arrays. There are twenty new random encounters, such as lost spaceships and stations to loot and intense gunfights. You can also leave your ship now while in mid-flight to walk out into the void of space. Quantum travel is now available, allowing you race through the universe at a fifth the speed of light and in new ships including the Constellation, Retaliator and the Vanguard. They’ve also updated the technology, so you can explore space without loading screens.


Even though the game made 2 million in its initial Kickstarter, the game is close to achieving 100 million from the studio’s loyal fans since then. This support has put the game in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “top crowdfunded game in the world.” Most of this money helps develops the game, but some of it is given back to one of the largest fan communities in the galaxy. With the Roberts Space Industries platform, fans can see the development of the game through weekly webcasts, learn more about the story and its development, or buy a new ship if they want to hop into the newest Alpha.

“We are forever grateful for our backers and fans,” said Roberts. “They been there from the beginning when we launched Star Citizen’s funding campaign three years ago. And they’ve helped create the most passionate and loyal community in our industry. They are helping us every step along the way in creating the best damn space sim ever.”

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