Total War: WARHAMMER Introducing Dwarfen Artillery | MOUSE n JOYPAD


Introducing Dwarfen Artillery


Today Sega released a new video in a series that will “Introduce” various elements in their upcoming title Total War: Warhammer. I hope you guys are as excited as we are here at Mouse n Joypad for this game, Warhammer is the ultimate fantasy universe.

Using in-development concept art, animations and models from Total War: WARHAMMER, Introducing.. Dwarfen Artillery offers a glimpse at some of the most powerful and beautifully crafted weaponry in the Old World.

This video focuses on the mighty Grudgethrower Catapult, the Organ Gun and the terrifying Flame Cannon, just three of a number of deadly artillery units included in the Dwarf unit roster. As we all know Dwarves are not afraid of a fight, they are a small tough race of folk that love nothing morte than drinking grog and fighting.

One of four playable races in the initial launch of Total War: WARHAMMER, the Dwarfs are gifted engineers exhibiting incredible ingenuity, technical know-how and buckets of design flare. As such, artillery will form the cornerstone of any self-respecting Dwarfen army and its devastating power can more than compensate for any perceived shortcomings of this proud and mighty race.Â

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