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Xbox 360 Getting More Storage Capability



It seems like there’s life in the old dog yet. Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, recently revealed via his Major Nelson blog that the Xbox 360 will get support for external drives up to 2TBs.

Back in March it was announced that the Xbox One Preview Programme, which invites select users to join the preview programme and enables them to receive early builds of upcoming system updates and experiment with the features prior to the full launch, would expand to encompass Xbox 360 users.

As stated in the blog post, one of the most requested features at the Xbox Feedback website was for larger external storage for the Xbox 360. The console previously only supported external drives up to 32GB of capacity. To clarify, larger hard drives were usable, though only 32GBs—and now 2TBs—of the drive’s actual storage could be used by the console for storing games and other data.

The next update for Xbox 360 Programme members will allow for external drives to store up to 2TBs worth of Xbox 360 data, with the functionality rolling out for everyone else later this year. As an added bonus, the console will no longer reserve space in advance on the drive, so you’ll be able to use up all of that 2TBs of space.

For those storage hungry gamers out there, with the Xbox 360 already able to support two external hard drives at the same time, you’ll have a whole 8TBs of space to store your stuff. That’s more than 400 installed games!

However, it should be noted that some hard drives may be incompatible or suffer performance issues. If users already have space reserved for storing Xbox 360 data, they will need to clear the Xbox 360 storage to gain full access to the drive. Programme participants should also read the list of known issues before formatting their hard drive. If you are in the Preview program, please review the list of known issues before formatting your drive.

It’s clear Microsoft hasn’t given up on the Xbox 360 just yet.