You’ll Get High With The Deadly Tower of Monsters | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Who doesn’t love campy 1950-era B-movies? I could sit around watching scientists talking technical jargon while a monster terrorizes a city all day. So, if you’re someone who enjoys films like The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, you’re going to get a real kick out of Ace Team and Atlus’ newest trailer for The Deadly Tower of Monsters.

In this goofy action adventure game, you play infamous space adventurer Dick Starspeed, who’s gotten himself into another pickle by crash landing on the planet Gravoria. His ship destroyed, he explores the bizarre alien land, looking for any way to get off of it. He discovers that the world is in the midst of a great war, and is quickly recruited by the emperor’s rebellious and beautiful daughter to fight against her evil father.


Of course, the game wants the tongue to break clean through the cheek, so they’ve set the game as an obscure low-budget movie. Directed by Dan Smith, this epic tale is actually a low-budget film that’s celebrating its triumphant re-release, allowing new and old fans to buy it DVD! The only way they could get more Meta is if they pulled back further to show them designing the game at Ace Team.

In their newest ‘Freefall’ trailer, your vertigo is likely to trigger, even without the creatures from space falling around you. Players will have to utilize their jet packs effectively to make sure they don’t end up as a stain on the side of the tower. The video highlights some of the flying gameplay, complete with a falling king of Kongs and flying monstrosities. You may even want to jump yourself, considering you can find hidden areas and weaponry if you take the plunge.

The game boasts a lot of impressive ideas, including over 50 unique aliens to take on, including squid people, space dinosaurs, giant ants, blob creatures, robot monkeys. Some of these creatures, as seen in the trailer, appear to have a stop-motion effect to them (which is an amazing touch of creativity). The experience will also feature narration by the director through an egotistical audio commentary, providing comedic anecdotes, behind the scenes stories and insight into the “film’s” production. Deadly Tower (I hope that’s not an NES inspiration) also has a multitude of weapons like ray guns, crystalline swords, and lightsaber whips- and that’s not including all the time bending special powers.


Fans should notice tons of references as well, including this projector that looks eerily familiar to This Island Earth’s ‘Interocitors’. So turn down the lights and grab your popcorn, because this movie/game releases next year on January 19, and will be on the PS4 and PC. For more news like this, make sure you keep driving-in to Mouse N Joypad.