Armchair Generals Episode 3

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather round as the third instalment of the Armchair Generals is here! It’s been a harsh week over at Mouse n Joypad, so in an effort to lift the spirits and give everyone a bit of a laugh here is the show a few days early, our way of saying a massive thank you to the loyal Mouse n Joypad followers!

In this week’s show the Armchair Generals are back with more games, laughs and opinions as we delve into the eagerly anticipated barren wasteland that is Fallout 4. Watch as we play through the tutorial encountering and soaking up all of the radioactive goodness while reacting in a way only an Armchair General can. Pit-boys at the ready, let’s play! Of course we get side tracked and find ourselves inspired to partake in a fallout melody or two, after which, we take a nostalgia fuelled trip down memory lane and discuss our experiences with the CoD franchise – new and old. While playing Super Toy Cars (which in truth is NOTHING LIKE MARIO KART!). Of course It would be rude not to give our thoughts on the newest addition to the popular franchise: Black ops 3 while we indulge in a utterly pointless pride saving game of Fifa purely for Bongo’s broken ego, We touch on rainbow 6 siege and The Division with Scott giving his in-depth and ever insightful view. Bongo has some information with a snippet of good news on Friday the 13th: The game. Hell to the yes!

We trying very hard to stifle the imminent fear inflicted on us by one of the most unforgiving gaming experience to ever grace the market – Dark souls. The third instalment is anticipated in 2016 and Playable at EGX REZZED next year. Hands down one of the most brutal games we have come across!

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