Armchair Generals Episode 7 | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Welcome back to Armchair Generals! In this week’s episode, the Generals talk about their expectations and thoughts on Far Cry Primal. The Generals disagree on the overall gameplay of the franchise but get distracted before things can get too argumentative. Returning viewers will remember that in the last episode, we were giving away a code to access the Warhammer 40,000 MMO: Eternal Crusade. A winner was chosen from our comments and we are pleased to announce Simon Lorimer as our winner! Congratulations and we hope you enjoy the game.

We have the results of the first Bongo Vs Tickles Let’s Play session on Madden 16. After a floundering start, Mr Begbie made a tremendous third quarter comeback and was just a single point shy of a draw. We had some suggestions on the comments for various forfeits and after a long session trying to figure out which one to choose, we have settled on a ritualised Shaving of the Beard. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed to see the sparkling picture of a baby-faced Bongo.

The Generals briefly talk about Titanlfall 2 before discussing the new Mouse N Joypad podcast and try to come up with a jingle for it. For all this and more, make sure you like, comment and subscribe and check back next time. Let us know and get involved to tell us what YOU want to see in the next episode.