Armchair Generals Episode 6 | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Welcome back to Armchair Generals! The Generals have been playing Betas for the last couple of weeks and today’s episode is dedicated to discussing them. Scott “Tickles” Davidson talks about Tom Clancy’s The Division and Ally “bongo” Begbie tells us about his time with Homefront: The Revolution.

We are giving away a code for a Founders Pack that will grant one lucky viewer early access to Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. To enter, all you need to do is comment in the YouTube video and a winner will be picked on the next episode. You can also check out our Twitter giveaway by retweeting the giveaway. That’s the chance to win two free games!

The Generals are going head to head in Madden 16. The loser will have to do a forfeit that is chosen by YOU! Just comment and tell us what you think the loser should have to do on the next episode and the Editors at Mouse N Joypad will pick the best suggestion.

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