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Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L Series – Luck



If you’ve been following Fallout 4 then you’ve probably come across the mini-series ‘Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L” which details the 7 attributes applied to your character and their effect on you.

I’ve stated in previous articles what the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system is but I have to again for new readers, so if you what the special system is just skip the next paragraph to get to the meat of the article.

• S.P.E.C.I.A.L stands for:

• Strength: For hitting and lifting stuff (Modifies Hit points, melee damage and carry weight)

• Perception: Your eyes in the wasteland (Allows you to notice things that affect either in dialogue or the world)

• Endurance: How long you can stay standing (Hit points, Poison resistance and Healing rate)

• Charisma: Turns you into a sexy beast (Mostly affects how you can engage with people but does have passive effects)

• Intelligence: If I need to describe this then you some more points in this area (Modifies the number of new skill points per level, dialogue options, and many skills.)

• Agility: So you don’t trip over your shoelace (Modifies Action Points available for V.A.T.S., and the Small Guns and Sneak skills.)

• Luck: You’ll find out in a sec.

We all know the drill by now, Vault Boy shows up to entertain us (or distract us) before the release of Fallout 4 with his little shenanigans. Today he is taken to the depths of a cave to find loot and get out alive.

The video starts with the announcer saying that “The difference between whether you live or die in the post nuclear world may depend on the flip of a coin.” which then leads you getting crushed by a falling Brahmin (if they put that in the game I will giggle like a schoolgirl) while the videos are entertaining, if you listen carefully you’ll get hints on what Luck will do for you such as affect how effective your shots are.

Luck in most games is always attributed as some sort of critical hit mechanic so it’s not surprising that Fallout follows this rule, Fallout also allows Luck to effect what you find in chests or other loot-able things. The Stranger also makes an appearance too which is one for the fans of the previous games.

The video finishes, like the others, with little snippets of what you can do with luck such as:

“A particularly bloody mess…” this could mean anything from messier kills to more damage but either way I like the sound of it.
“…A chance to build a streak of destruction that…” again, I don’t know what it means but I like it!
“…the magic of the unexpected…” this one is pretty straight forward, this refers to encounters such as the Mysterious Stranger and other wasteland gems you will no doubt find.

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