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Halo 5: A Hero Falls



People got a surprise during NBC Sunday night American football as a live trailer for the upcoming and highly anticipated Halo 5 Guardians aired for the first time during the break.

In the “Halo 5: A Hero Falls” trailer an announcement on televisions around the world that “On October 27th 2560, Spartan 117, the man most commonly known as The Master Chief…died.” the reporter then goes on to say that “out of respect to those who may have lost loved ones in the event.” they are refusing to give a full accounting of what happened.

What ensues is a series of shots of people all over the galaxy, doing every day future stuff, just stop what they’re doing a stare grimly into the distance to mourn their fallen hero as the reporter continues on to say that this is a loss that “our entire species has suffered today” and she then pulls out a rallying cry calling people to “fight together as he fought, we must end this. Not be ended by it.” which sound like to me that the UNSC is gearing up for a war with the Prometheans and is using the death of Chief as a rallying cry.

The final moments of the trailer are shots of Master Chief running through, what looks like to be, an abandoned city as a Forerunner construct releases a shock wave collapsing the already crumbling skyscrapers on top of Chief and as we pan out to see the Master Chief encased in rubble and the camera pans out we see the Chief’s visor go dark which is where they cut to black and so follows the Halo 5: Guardians title and relevant sales data, so on so forth.


There is a theme with the Halo 5 trailers that either Locke or Chief will die, A Hero Falls coupled with the Hunt the Truth trailers show that 343 Industries is taking Halo down a darker path than the previous instalments.

I for one can’t wait until the release on October 27th but I am sceptical about the story after Halo 4’s crap fest. While there has been plenty of trailers and gameplay clips of Halo 5, 343 Industries has done a good job to not actually reveal any of the actual story, leaving fans with more and more excitement with each trailer as they wait very, very patiently for the release so I…I mean we can finally find out the truth behind Halo 5. Stay tuned to Mouse n Joypad for more on Halo 5.