Project Wanda Quickly Reaching Its Fundraising Goal | MOUSE n JOYPAD

KISS, a publisher who focuses in on smaller Indie games, has revealed its newest project that’s looking for funding, and at the time of this publication may have already reach their modest goal. Wanda is a post-apocalyptic story about sole survivors of the end of the world. But this game isn’t about radioactive zombies or radscorpions- this one is about a lonely and child-like robot trying to understand the world that lies before it.

Wanda is about two ‘simple-minded robots’, who wake up from a period of being dormant to discover that they are alone in a bleak world. The “Big Bot” goes through a terrible period of loneliness after its awakening and goes out searching for anyone to share its time with. It takes a long time, but one day the robot stumbles across another living “Small Bot”, asleep in a pod. It doesn’t take long for them to connect with one another, spending many of their days drawing and moon gazing.


Despite this, they want to know more about the past. There’re no real clues on what has happened to the once technologically great civilization that lived before then. Despite their memory loss, they know that something is amiss, and decide to go on a great adventure with each other to try and understand. Together they find that this world, one that has been designed to resemble a children’s book in art style, still has a lot of heart left to give.

While the game is story-driven and reliant on showing the story as opposed to telling it, the developers at Kodots Games promise a challenging puzzle game. The puzzles are touted as being obstacle based, but also featuring logical hurdles that’ll require both robots’ abilities and a sharp mind. They hope to offer a nice balance of an immersive story fleshed out with engaging puzzles.

Currently backed by 59 people with just over $1,000 pledged, the game is well over halfway to its goal of $1,438 with only 21 days left to go on the campaign. They are more than likely going to hit their goal, so the team does has big plans for their stretch goals. At 2000 AUD, they are hoping to put in a more unique soundtrack with a “vocal ending theme.” At 3,500 AUD, they will include custom-made SFX for the two characters to bring even more personality to them. There’s even a larger goal, but that’ll only be revealed if the goal is met.

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