Another E3 has come and gone, as sad as it is to see it go we have been shown what is in store for us for the next year and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these games. After last year’s tech heavy announcements what with the release of the Xbox One and PS4 it’s good to get back to seeing some kick ass games.

Some of the entries on the list were simple trailers and some have been chosen from gameplay that I was able to find on the titles. Enough prattling on, let’s get to the list.


No. 10


At the Xbox conference we saw a short trailer for Evolve that showcased one of the new monsters “The Kraken”. While that was cool I have put this on the list because there is gameplay of the Kraken in action. I am so excited for this game and can’t wait to get my hands on it. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!!




No. 9

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed gets a new game every year and I know that some people are getting a bit tired of the time traveling antics of the Brotherhood. I am not one of those people and Assassin’s Creed Unity has its hooks into me. It looks astonishingly pretty, 30% of the buildings will supposedly have an interior making this Paris a much more vibrant city than we have previously seen but above all we will be able to take to the streets of the revolution with four player co-op. just watch the clip and tell me you disagree.




No. 8

Star Wars Battlefront

Few games have been on my radar as much as the new Star Wars Battlefront, announced last year with nothing but a teaser trailer we have had no word since. We were told that with Battlefield 4’s server and stability issues that Dice had postponed all other projects to sort it out. It’s good to see that Battlefront has not been forgotten.




No. 7

Far Cry 4

Technically speaking Far Cry 4 was announced prior to E3 so this isn’t an announcement but we did get to see the first five minutes of the game at the Ubisoft conference. The star of the show is Pagan Min (voiced by Troy Baker), the villain of the game and all round unsettling character. His entry into the game sees him kill one of his henchmen with a pen and is topped off with him taking a selfie with you, the main character. There was also some gameplay that showed us the open landscapes, wingsuit gliding, elephants and multiplayer missions that we can expect. It all looks rather good and watching the inventive uses of Elephants in combat on youtube will be something we can all look forward to.




No. 6

Mario Maker

What’s not to love about this next entry? I’m sure that pretty much everyone that has ever described themselves as a gamer has spent hours on the original Mario games, I know I have. Well now WiiU owners will be able to create their own Mario levels. Build your own Mario world and play in either classic Mario graphics or modern day graphics at the push of a button. As long as they keep the music, this may persuade me to buy a WiiU.




No. 5

Dead Island 2

This one sneaked up on us a bit. I hadn’t heard of a sequel being worked on but there it is, during the Sony press conference we were treated to a trailer for a new Dead Island game. Entering at the opposite end of the spectrum of previous trailers for the franchise we got our introduction to the new apocalypse. We don’t know much at this stage about the game itself but we do know that it will be set in California and apparently firearms and ammo may be more available than in the previous games.




No. 4

Ori And The Blind Forest

I think this is a hauntingly beautiful game, I was lucky enough to see some gameplay and it looks to be shaping up nicely. I loved and was captivated by the trailer, I really can’t wait to get hands on with this one.




No. 3

Rainbow 6 Seige

Another surprise from Ubisoft. We got to see a multiplayer match for the reworked Rainbow 6 Siege, originally the company were working on Rainbow 6 Patriots but with several scrubbed attempts and reimagining’s people were starting to think that there wouldn’t be another Rainbow game. Well those people were wrong and Siege looks freaking awesome!




No. 2

Halo Master Chief Collection

This only just missed my number one spot. Halo: The Master Chief collection is a wet dream for any Halo fan. It will ship with the anniversary edition of Halo Combat Evolved and the same treatment for Halo 2 as well has Halo 3 and 4 in 1080p at 60 fps (frames per second). It will also come with the Halo Digital Feature by Ridley Scott and guaranteed Halo 5 Beta access. That in itself is enough to win over most people but the collection will also ship with every Halo multiplayer map that ever launched on consoles, that’s over 100 maps in total as well as the original Halo 2 multiplayer experience.


No. 1

Little Big Planet 3

The number one on my list is from the most charming franchise I have ever played. Another complete surprise was the announcement of Little Big Planet 3 for the PS4. I loved the original two games and even got LBP Karting for the PS3. The games are good old fashioned fun that everyone can enjoy. Sackboy is joined by new friends with new abilities for this instalment and it looks like a riot to play. The good news is that anyone who buys this will still have access to the millions of user made worlds from the first two games.




That’s my list people. These were the ten games that really got my blood pumping for one reason or another. What were your favourite moments from E3? What games are you most excited about? We would really love to know.