DOOM Your Headset | MOUSE n JOYPAD

This one is for those collectors out there, if you are into your merchandised tech, then this one is for you. Thrustmaster has joined forces with id Software and Bethesda to bring you all a brand new DOOM inspired headset: the Y-350X.  The officially licensed headset is compatible with both the Xbox One and Windows making it the ideal cho...[Read More]

Oculus Founder Hand-Delivers First Retail Copy of Rift To Lucky Purchaser

What in the hell would compel Oculus founder Palmer Luckey to traverse the Alaskan weather in flip flops? With the official launch of the retail version of the Oculus Rift just a couple days away, Luckey bestowed it upon himself to deliver the first copy of the Rift to one lucky Alaskan purchaser just two days before the first batch make their way into homes. Ross Martin is a name that will go dow...[Read More]

Crytek Announces new VR First Program | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Frankfurt-based video game developer and publisher, Crytek, has announced the launch of its new worldwide virtual reality development program, VR First. Through the program, Crytek will be partnering with academic institutions all over the world to provide students and researchers with the technology and facilities to explore the possibilities of virtual reality (VR). Crytek will be providing full...[Read More]

Oculus Rift Announces Retail Price/ Available For Pre-Order | MOUSE n JOYPAD

The answer many people were wondering for nearly three years now was answered today. As of today, January 6th, 2015, at precisely 8 am Pacific Time, the Oculus Rift officially went up for pre-orders on the Oculus website. Thusly, the price of the Oculus Rift was announced as $599 USD. First shipments of the Rift will start on March 28th. Though, if you were to try and pre-order now, your shipment ...[Read More]

Data Bank Allows You To Easily Upgrade Your Console’s Memory | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Nyko, one of the world’s leading accessory manufacturers, has announced the official release of their new Data Bank hardware. Coming out for both the Xbox One and the Playstation Four, the Data Bank will expand the data storage of your system with any 3.5” hard drive that you may have laying around. Gamers can get up to an additional 2 terabytes of space with this attachable drive, and can eve...[Read More]

Kickstarter Started For Smach Z; A Handheld Steam Machine | MOUSE n JOYPAD

In my recent review for the Steam Link, I mentioned how nice it was to finally get to play my PC games away from a desk. Well, it seems that someone has gotten the idea that playing Steam should be something you should be able to enjoy on the go as well. Smach Z is touting to be the first handheld console to play more than 1000 compatible games on the go. These games include Portal 2, DOTA, Left 4...[Read More]

Steam Link Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  If you’re someone who’s ever wanted to play your PC games from the comfort of a couch, you had a few options. You could either move your gaming rig into the living room, put a couch in your roomy office, or run HDMI wires and USB ports across your home. Steam Link, part of Valve’s three prong approach towards invading the living room, is in my opinion probably the most economical and ...[Read More]

Sony Announces Playstation VR With First Commercial | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Sony Announces Playstation VR With First Commercial   Virtual reality is getting closer and closer by the day. On September 15, at the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Press Conference, Sony announced that Project Morpheus’ official name will be the ‘Playstation VR’. They also released a brand new trailer to show off their technology.   The video utilizes a holographic visio...[Read More]

AMD Restructures Company Architecture | MOUSE n JOYPAD

AMD Restructures Company Architecture To Improve Competition With Nvidia     Ever since 2006 when Advanced Micro Devices purchased ATI and joined in on the competition of the discrete desktop graphics processor unit (GPU) race, results have tended to be lopsided in favor for the more specifically graphics-focused Nvidia Corporation in terms of both shear raw power and lower...[Read More]

Xbox One Elite Bundle | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Xbox One Elite Bundle       Games and gamers are at the centre of everything Microsoft do and they are always looking for ways to offer the best ways to play on Xbox. On Monday 31st August, Microsoft announced the Xbox One Elite Bundle – the ultimate gaming experience that comes complete with premium features to take your gaming to the next level. In add...[Read More]

Select Asus Graphic Cards Coming With Built-In Gamecaster | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Select Asus Graphic Cards Coming With Built-In Gamecaster     Live streaming is continuing to be an important feature to most gamers, and if you’re looking to upgrade you system and get in on the action, we’ve got good news for you. Splitmedialabs, developers of XSplit Gamecaster, has announced a partnership with Asus today, revealing a brand new impressive ...[Read More]

Doom Multiplayer and Snapmap | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Quakecon has passed us by, and Bethesda has shown off some cool new stuff. Fresh from showing off the amazing trailer for their new Doom title at E3, Bethesda has gone on to show more at this year’s Quakecon. Jumping right into it, they showed a massive amount of interesting details regarding their multiplier for Doom and revealed Snapmap, a new application that allows a map/match building syste...[Read More]